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Trial Advocacy Honors Program (TAHP) advocates demonstrate their outstanding litigation skills, determination and talent, and benefit from the involvement of dedicated faculty and alumni in garnering awards at competitions held across the country.

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2012-2013 Academic Year

TAHP Team Reaches Finals at CACJ Competition

CACJ Second Place TeamAt the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition held in San Francisco, Southwestern's team of B.J. Abron, Mari Kiridjian, Michael Morse and Ashley Smolic were finalists. They argued the fictitious case of the People v. Ramirez, which involved the drive-by shooting of a young man in an apparent act of gang retaliation.

Southwestern's team (pictured with one of their coaches) finished in Second Place behind Florida State. The competition featured teams from Golden Gate, Fordham, Chapman and UC Hastings. Southwestern's second team of Dorian Herrera, Matthew Kleintop, Sherin Parikh and Anastasia Sagorsky also performed well.

According to Jahmy Graham, Communications Chair of TAHP, "The presiding judge, who was both an experienced trial lawyer and federal judge, said that all of the advocates were in the top 10% of trial lawyers he's seen in his career. Although they did not advance to the semi-finals, Team 2 also fought hard and left it all in the courtroom. All of the advocates made us all very proud."