Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Membership Responsibilities

During the first year of membership, Junior Advocates:

  • Earn three (3) units in the spring semester through enrollment in the TAHP Trial Advocacy course
  • Are paired with Senior Advocate mentors, who they shadow during competition preparation, as well as serving as witnesses or jury members
  • Compete in the John G. Bonelli Competition in the Spring Semester

During the second year, Senior Advocates:

  • Earn two (2) units through enrollment in the TAHP Advanced Trial Advocacy course and holding office hours
  • Earn one (1) unit for attending at least one national trial competition

What to Expect as a New Member on TAHP:

Fall - New members can expect to put in several hours a week assisting in the fall competitions, where they act as witnesses and sit as the jury for the current members going to competitions. In addition, members are required to put in two office hours per week.

Spring - New members are automatically enrolled in the TAHP Trial Advocacy class, taught by Professors Esposito and Seki. This is a three (3) unit class held on Wednesday nights from 6-9 p.m. In addition, new members continue to act as witnesses and jury members for the teams competing in the spring.