Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


January Intersession

The January Intersession consists of a one-week term held before the regular Spring Semester begins and features a selection of about a dozen innovative courses that are more suited to short-term, intensive treatment than to a traditional semester. Students have the opportunity to enroll in one-unit courses focusing on a discrete topic with a skills or practice focus. The classes meet three to four hours a day for five days and most are graded on the performance of skills or final paper. Enrollment in the January Intersession is limited to upper division Day and Evening students and second year SCALE students. While it is mandatory for SCALE II students, it is discretionary (rather than mandatory) for all other upper division students. Invitations to teach these special short courses are directed to interested full-time and adjunct faculty as well as other experts in the field who otherwise might not be available for a full semester.