Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Trial Advocacy and ADR

The Julian C. Dixon Courtroom and Advocacy Center is the most technologically sophisticated center of its kind in the United States. Serving as a model for both jury and appellate courtrooms of the future, the Center facilitates the teaching of effective innovative advocacy and litigation skills to law students, and provides a state-of-the art courtroom training venue and community resource for attorneys, judges, and court administrators from throughout southern California and beyond.

The creation of the Center is especially appropriate in light of the increasing adoption by both federal and state courts of cutting-edge courtroom technology - technology that enables attorneys to craft more persuasive and compelling arguments, allows judges to conduct proceedings more effectively, and assists jurors in evaluating complex issues. This new technology also has the potential to save the judicial system significant time and money while ensuring the fair and efficient administration of justice in all aspects of dispute resolution. Today's advocacy includes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as well as trial and appellate advocacy, and accordingly, is provided in the Center and will prepare law students for the high-tech professional world of the 21st century by teaching them the most advanced technologies available for litigation, negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution.