Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


Fitness Center Cardio EquiptmentMembers will enjoy a variety of amenities while visiting the Fitness Center, including:

Cardiovascular Equipment

LifeFitness equipment is available in the cardiovascular area. Equipment has easy to follow panel instructions that members can utilize to customize their exercise program. In addition, treadmills come equipped with automatic shut-off switches for user safety and an automatic maintenance system to insure that treads are continually preserved.

Punching Bag

Members interested in developing kick-boxing, karate, or punching/kicking techniques will enjoy using the punching bag located near the Men's Locker Room.

Weight Circuit Equipment

Fitness Center Weights

The weight circuit area offers a full range of LifeFitness equipment to exercise the upper and lower body as well as specialized equipment to tone specific body areas such as the inner/outer thighs, abdominal muscles, and hips. All equipment has posted instructions on correct body posture and equipment settings to insure proper use and workout benefit.

Free Weights Area


Adjacent to the weight circuit equipment, the free weights area is for individuals interested in fitness training using dumbbells or a Smith machine. The Smith machine allows safe lifting through a safety catch system for the weight bar and weights. Adjustable benches as well as a mirrored wall allow members to check body position and form during weight training.


The Fitness Center classroom is an area where members may stretch, cool down, meditate, or play an exercise tape from the Center's video library. A television monitor and VCR are stationed in the classroom for video play back. Members may check out videotapes or classroom equipment from the Reception Desk.

Shower and Bathroom Facilities


Fitness Center Locker RoomSpacious men's and women's locker, shower, and bathroom areas have been designed to be fully accessible with practical yet pleasing finishes to insure that area appearance and hygiene endure.

Bathrooms have several large, private showers with curtains and individualized water temperature controls. Three-in-one shampoo/conditioner/soap is provided in the dispensing units for member convenience. Sink areas with overhead-lit mirrors and a vanity with a convenience hair dryer are located across from the showers.


The Locker Rooms are spacious changing areas equipped with new dual lockers to maximize storage, as well as benches, scales, and mirrors. Lockers are available for storage of personal items during Fitness Center use only. To insure security, members are required to provide their own lock and must remove the lock and personal items before closing time.

Cable Television and Stereo System

Two cable plasma monitors broadcast network, news, business and sports programming in the cardio equipment area. Speakers for the stereo system provide music throughout the circuit and weight training areas.

Fitness Center Video Library

Southwestern faculty and staff members have donated a variety of exercise videos to the Fitness Center. Members may check out videos for use in the Center classroom by leaving their identification card with the Fitness Center Assistant at the Reception Desk.

Fitness Center Exercise Equipment

Fitness Center

Steps, abdominal exercise balls, Yoga mats and other items are available throughout the Fitness Center.

Magazine Rack

Magazines donated by students, faculty and staff are kept in the magazine rack located in the cardiovascular area. Members are invited to enjoy the reading material while exercising and then return it for enjoyment of other members when finished.

Recreation Room

A recreation room, located between the Lower Level Elevator Court and Fitness Center entry, features table games such as ping pong, billiards and air hockey for students, faculty and staff looking for a quick study or work break.

Equipment for the Recreation Room (pool cues, pool rack, cue chalk, ping pong paddles and ping pong balls) may be checked out from the Fitness Center Reception Desk.

Reception Desk

Fitness Center Assistants are available to answer questions, familiarize members with Fitness Center amenities, and check out exercise equipment or videos from the Center's video library.

Bulletin Board

Southwestern receives a number of fitness and health newsletters, which are posted on the Center bulletin board.


The Fitness Center bathrooms have two-way intercom speakers that connect directly to the Wilshire Building Security Office. Additionally, voice activated alarms are present should an emergency occur in the bathroom areas. Campus Security also monitors the Fitness Center exercise room via closed circuit camera. Fitness Center lighting is controlled by motion detectors to provide constant, high level illumination throughout workout, classroom and bathroom areas.