Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Campus Map

Southwestern Law School
3050 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Tel: (213) 738-6700; Fax: (213) 383-1688



Westmoreland Building
Bullocks Wilshire Building
  • Academic Support Program W620, W624 and W626
  • Accounting W202
  • Administrative Services W100
  • Admissions W102

    Associate Dean and General Counsel W102
  • Assistant Dean for Property Administration and Development W100
  • Bookstore W Lower Level
  • Career Services W323
  • Counseling Center W102
  • Dean of Students and Diversity Affairs W102
  • Externship Office W231
  • Financial Aid W102
  • General LL.M. (Individualized Studies) W102
  • International Programs W102
  • Journal of International Law W237
  • Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law BW436
  • Law Review W216
  • Legal Clinic W408
  • Maintenance W Lower Level
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) W410
  • Moot Court Honors Program W224
  • Negotiation Honors Program W434
  • Registration and Academic Records  W102
  • Student Affairs W233
  • Student Bar Association W232
  • Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programs W102
  • Trial Advocacy Honors Program (TAHP) W238
  • Writing Center W337 and W338

  • Associate Dean for Faculty Research BW321
  • Associate Dean for Special Projects BWJDC
  • Dean's Office BW 5th Floor
  • Dixon Courtroom and Advocacy Center BW 1st Floor, East Wing
  • Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute BW333
  • Fitness Center BW Lower Level
  • Institutional Advancement BW 2nd Floor, East Wing
  • Interdisciplinary Programs BWJDC
  • Law Library BW 1st Floor, West Wing
  • Mail Room/Print Shop BW Lower Level
  • Entertainment and Media Law LL.M. Online BW361
  • Public Affairs BW 2nd Floor, East Wing
  • SCALE┬« Office BW409
  • Security BW 1st Floor, Foyer
  • Senior Associate Dean for Academic Administration BW435
  • Tea Room BW 5th Floor
  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs BW423