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James M. Fischer

James M. Fischer

Professor of Law

J.D., magna cum laude, 1973, Loyola Law School; Member, California State Bar and Bars of the United States Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States District Court for the Central District of California

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Phone: (213) 738-6742
Office: BW425

With the perspective gained from experience in private practice, public service and academia, James Fischer's goal as a law professor is "to enable students to better understand their responsibilities as lawyers, and to be prepared for the tremendous demands that the competent and conscientious practice of law imposes on an individual."

"[I want] to enable students to better understand their responsibilities as lawyers, and to be prepared for the tremendous demands that the competent and conscientious practice of law imposes on an individual."

Professor Fischer began his legal career as a law clerk to Justice Clarke E. Stephens of the California Court of Appeal. He went on to join the firm then known as Beardsley, Hufstedler & Kemble. Appointed to Southwestern's faculty in 1976, Professor Fischer was recognized for his outstanding teaching and contributions to Southwestern and the legal community as the Irwin R. Buchalter Professor of Law in 1993, and as the Irving D. and Florence Rosenberg Professor of Law in 2005.

Active in community and professional organizations, Professor Fischer has served as a special assistant to the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, and as a member of the hearing board for the South Coast Air Quality Management District. For the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), he chaired the Committee on Professional Responsibility and Ethics and led a team of volunteer students in compiling a reference guide on current case law regarding HIV and insurance law for the LACBA Barristers' HIV Law Project. Professor Fischer has held leadership posts in the Property Insurance Committee of the ABA Torts and Insurance Practice Section. He also served on the California State Bar Committees on Professional Responsibility and Conduct, Legal Malpractice Insurance and the Administration of Justice. He is a former member and past president of the board of the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, which serves the developmentally disabled community.


Books and Chapters

UNDERSTANDING REMEDIES, 3rd ed. (LexisNexis, forthcoming 2014)

UNDERSTANDING REMEDIES (Matthew Bender Publishing, 1999)



Accidental or Intentional Tort?: The California Insurance Law Conundrum, 54 SANTA CLARA LAW REVIEW 101 (forthcoming Spring 2014)

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Does an Insured Have a Duty to Mitigate Damages When the Insurer Breaches?, 20 CONNECTICUT JOURNAL OF INSURANCE LAW 89 (2013)

The Crime-Fraud Exception to Privilege, 41 THE BRIEF 30 (Winter 2012)

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