Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Library Use Policies

Food and Drink

Beverages in secure lidded containers and small snack items that are not messy, noisy or strong-smelling are permitted in the library. Please dispose of all trash in trash receptacles located throughout the library and leave all spaces clean for the next person.


Smoking is not permitted in any area of the library, including restrooms, stairwells and group study rooms.

Noise and Cellular Phones

Noise from conversation is the most frequent source of complaint from library users. Conversation and other unnecessary noise should be kept to a minimum. Cellular phone usage is not permitted in the library. As a courtesy to others, please mute your phone when entering and return calls outside of the library.

Emergencies and General Security

Evacuation plans are posted at the main library stairwell, the elevator and at all emergency exits. Please take a few minutes to walk around the library to become familiar with emergency exit locations. Intercoms for communicating with the security station at the building entrance are located in each restroom and throughout the library. If you notice anything suspicious, please report it to Security or library staff. It is better to err on the side of reporting the problem. Please do not leave your valuables, study materials and especially, laptop computers unattended. Remember that your valuables can be taken in a matter of minutes.

Group Study Rooms

The library's 21 group study rooms are reserved for the exclusive use of currently-enrolled Southwestern students. Students may find reservation and use policies on MySouthwestern (log-in required). Click on Group Study Room Policies in the left column of the library's page.

Non-Compliance with Library Policies

Users who refuse to comply with library policies will be required to leave the library.