Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Selected Topics in American Law

370 | 2.0 credits


Selected Topics in American Law is a graded course that is offered to third-year day and fourth-year part-time students. Admission is by invitation only, and enrollment is limited to 20 students. Because this course focuses solely on the California Bar exam, priority for registration will be given to those students taking the California bar exam immediately following graduation.

The course builds on the analytical, writing, and organizational skills taught throughout the law school's curriculum, with the goal of enhancing a student's ability to prepare for, and pass, the California Bar Examination. The course covers selected substantive topics that frequently appear on the California bar exam, with special emphasis on the Multi-State Bar Examination subjects (contracts; criminal law and procedure; constitutional law; evidence; real property; and torts). In addition, students will learn methods to answer essay, multiple choice, and performance questions. Students will complete in-class and/or out-of-class assignments involving practice essay, multiple choice, and performance test questions, and receive feedback on selected written answers. In the course of the semester, students will: write and hand in to the professor answers to six essay questions (and write one "re-write" for each of the aforementioned six essays), answer 150 multiple choice questions, and answer one performance test. The course also will introduce students to the format and components of the California bar exam. This course is not intended to replace commercial bar preparation courses.


Students enrolled in the course must use some version of Microsoft Word.