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Career Services

Southwestern's Career Services Office (CSO) provides career planning and job counseling services for students and alumni. Throughout the year, the office assists students by offering a variety of career planning workshops and seminars; reviewing student resumes; videotaping mock interviews; and maintaining a career resource library and job listings. In addition to working with many local and national legal offices, the office actively participates in professional legal associations. The Career Services Office also hosts the successful On-Campus Interview Programs each fall and spring.

The Career Services Office staff is available to assist students and recent graduates (1) Identify and evaluate career options and goals; (2) Learn about available practice areas; (3) Prepare for and conduct a job search; and (4) Locate potential employers through on-campus recruitment programs, listings of current job openings, and the student's or graduate's independent employment inquiries.

EMPLOYERS: See Employer Resources, including instructions on posting a job and registering to participate in one of our On-Campus Interview Programs.

STUDENTS and ALUMNI: Click here for job search information (please note - registration with the CSO is required first).

Click here for Employment Statistics.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
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Career Services Staff

  • Noreen Berra, Esq. '85 - Interim Director
  • Katrina M. Denny, Esq. - Associate Director
  • Robin Apodaca - Senior Assistant Director
  • Elizabeth Bernstein - Senior Assistant Director
  • Andrea Ayvazian, Esq. - Assistant Director

Services and Resources

The CSO's services and resources (see links at right) are available to all Southwestern students and recent graduates through the Career Services Office. Please feel free to review these resources and to direct any questions to the Career Services Office staff.

Policies and Procedures

The services and resources of the Career Services Office are available only to currently enrolled students and recent graduates. Therefore, proper identification is required and may be requested by the staff as a precondition to use the services and/or resources of the office.


On a limited basis, Southwestern may request that an ABA law school in another state, or other location in California, allow our students to use the services of that school's Career Services Office, in exchange for Southwestern making such services available to their students. Each request is handled on a case-by-case basis; only one request per student is allowed at a time. The program is closed annually through the fall recruiting season (August 15 - November 15). All reciprocity requests are handled by the Student Services Assistant and approved by the Associate Dean. 

Alumni Support

The extensive national network of Southwestern alumni serves as a tremendous resource for students as they prepare for their careers. Many graduates come back to present seminars and panel discussions, participate in the mock interview and alumni mentor programs, and conduct clerkship and associate interviews during the biannual on-campus recruitment programs.

Graduate Employment Survey

  • Graduate Employment Survey (PDF
  • Graduate Employment Survey FAQs (PDF)