Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Reciprocity Policy

The Career Services Office of Southwestern Law School provides reciprocity to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools as follows: 

  1. Reciprocity will be granted to all ABA-accredited law schools which allow Southwestern Law School students or graduates the use of their facilities.

  2. Requests for reciprocity must be made via e-mail to Career Services. We will forward a copy of our response to the candidates if an e-mail address is made available.

  3. All reciprocity requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. However, reciprocity is extended to no more than two candidates from one ABA-accredited law school before the services of that school's career services office are made available to one of our students. Further, there can be no more than one student from another school using our Career Services Office at any time.

  4. Law Schools seeking reciprocity with Southwestern Law School must abide by the agreement established by the Law School Career Advisors of Southern California stating that the number of requests for reciprocity must be limited by any one candidate to only one school per geographic region. Southern California is, for these purposes, divided into two regions, Los Angeles and San Diego, allowing candidates to request reciprocity from one ABA-accredited Law School in each region.

  5. Reciprocity entitles a visitor the use of the Career Services Office for a period of three months from the date reciprocity was granted.

  6. Reciprocity users may use:
    Online job listings (Each user must request a temporary account)
    Reference materials (i.e., Martindale-Hubbell) and circulating periodicals, which cannot be withdrawn, but can be utilized in-office

  7. Services do not include:
    Individual career counseling
    Assistance with job application materials including resume and cover letter review
    Access to LEXIS/WESTLAW
    On-campus interviews

  8. Reciprocity is not available during the on-campus interviewing season of: August 1 through November 15 and February 1 through March 15.