Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the Financial Aid Office receives all the necessary completed forms in a timely manner* and no later than the deadlines indicated.

Federal Perkins Loans, Institutional Loans, Federal Work Study, Scholarships

  • Returning students: March 15
  • Entering students: June 1

The deadline for Entering Students must be met regardless of the date of acceptance for admission to the law school.

*Per federal guidelines, FAFSA forms should not be dated prior to January 1.

Federal Direct Stafford, Grad PLUS and Private Loan Programs

While there is no actual application deadline for these loans, continuing and accepted students who plan to defer tuition based on these loans must complete their financial aid paperwork by June 1. After this deadline, students will be required to pay 20% of tuition prior to attending classes, but may still apply for aid.