Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee connects new students with more experienced upper division law students. Concentrating on student welfare, the Committee organizes and facilitates several workshops to help the incoming 1Ls with their law school transition. This Committee also sponsors the Mentor/Mentee Program, aimed at pairing an incoming 1L student with a 2L/3L mentor, in hopes of fostering a painless transition to life in law school.

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee connects the student body with fellow students - socially. This Committee's main focus is organizing and hosting student activities, such as on-campus lunchtime events, and off-campus social events, such as bar reviews, bowling nights, and the annual Barrister's Ball. This Committee is also responsible for the SBA's intramural athletic program.

Evening Affairs Committee

The Evening Affairs Committee connects evening students with the SBA. This Committee's main focus is organizing and hosting activities specifically for the evening students, including time management workshops, networking events, and social events.

Community Affairs Committee

The Community Affairs Committee connects the student body with the local community. This Committee facilitates the annual Mock Trial program, where neighboring schools are invited to Southwestern for a campus tour where they witness a staged theft. The "thief" is then apprehended and the kids act as mock attorneys, jurors, and other court officials, in a mock criminal trial in the Julian C. Dixon Courtroom and Advocacy Center. This event aims at connecting with local schools, promoting higher education and the law to children, and providing the children with a fun field trip.

Club Activities Committee

The Club Activities Committee connects the student clubs, organizations and minority students with the SBA. This Committee acts as a liaison between the SBA and its chartered student organizations, assists in the recruitment of minority students, and coordinates activities with minority student groups. This Committee organizes the Fall/Spring Cultural Food Fairs, the Orientation Club Fair, as well as other club activities.

Alumni Affairs Committee

The Alumni Affairs Committee connects the student body with alumni. This Committee oversees alumni mixers, as well as workshops aimed at providing information on effective ways to initiate conversations with legal professionals. This provides students with an excellent resource for networking with Judges, lawyers, and other prominent Southwestern alumni.